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FAN Raves

"They sing like angels and fight like brothers. My kinda people!."

– Jater Surratt  (Trammel, VA)

"My grandmother loves these guys!"

– Toehead McReynolds  (St. Paul, VA.)

Alan Cohen isthe latest to join us. Alan came to the Washington, DC area in 1969 and quickly became part of the bluegrass community. In the early 1970’s, Alan played mandolin with Bill Rouse and the Uptown Grass Band as well as several other local bluegrass bands. In the late 1970’s he joined the bluegrass group None of the Above as guitar player and lead singer. Alan played for over two decades with None of the Above, which appeared regularly at the Birchmere, and the group’s reincarnation as the Gray Brothers.  He has also played in local classic rock and country rock bands.

Dave Goldman   started playing fiddle in the early 70’s and has perfected his craft ever since. He has lent his talents to some of the area’s best players, and there are not too many tunes he can’t play. He and Stafford played together in “Appalachian Reign” and after leaving that band, started a band called “Outer Banks”.  They played several years along with Pat and Ken. When Dave joined The Bentwood Rockers, he provided a missing musical piece.

Patrick Markham   took up music as a young man and provided solid bass playing in several different musical styles. Originally a rock and roller, he has stepped in after 10 years and became a dedicated bluegrass player. Musically adept at many styles, he also plays wonderful slide guitar. He has played with “Southern Exposure”, "Chesapeake", and the “Outer Banks” band.

Kenny Tackett   has been blessed with a smooth bluegrass voice that is the foundation for the band’s music. Born in Dickenson county, in Southwest Virginia, Ken is a veteran of numerous bands such as “Uptown Grass Band", “Heights of Grass”, “Windstone”, "Blue Plate Special", "Outer Banks", "Chesapeake", and “Southern Exposure”. Originally a mandolin player, he has switched to guitar and with Pat on bass, they deliver solid rhythm for the band.  Ken can also surprise you with a tasty lead break. He is also a professional charter boat captain!  He captains the “Daydreamer” out of The Rod n Reel in Chesapeake Beach, MD.

Stafford  Markham   played banjo in several bluegrass bands over the years with some notable players including Buzz Busby, Wayne Yates, Cliff Waldron, Tom Knowles to name a few. He has played in several local bands of note such as “The Page Valley Boys,” “Appalachian Reign”, “Wells Fargo” and “Outer Banks”. He also played lead guitar in the country rock band “Southern Exposure” for 10 years with Ken and Pat. 

After many years of playing no music, they’ve come back to bluegrass. How sweet it is.